Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Bloomsday Device Gets an Upgrade

Starting tomorrow, the Bloomsday Device, as a metaphor for the technological devices I use to maintain the Device, itself, will get a substantial upgrade with an iPhone.  I have culled the world for the best Bloomsday-Approved! (T.M.) apps for the iPhone and have found these:

PopTart Monitor App:  tells you, in minutes, hours and days, when you'll need more PopTarts.

Abstract Non Sequitur Response App:  provides pithy, cryptic or absurd replies to any question.

Natalie Portman Stalker App:  gives GPS coordinates, monitors gestational progress and knocked up fashion wardrobe.

O'Ghoulihy's Clevelandia App:  Showcases local currents in metaphysics via late night horrorshow.

Avoid Your Doppleganger App:  maintain suitable distance to ensure no universal particle reversal.

Bob Ross Baby Daddy App:  translate any text into the master painter's soothing voice.