Thursday, April 30, 2015

May Day! May Day!

I love May Day, May 1st, for several reasons.

First, it's a commie/socialist/labor/democrat/worker/proletariat holiday, of course. Yay, Bernie Sanders!
As a member of a labor union, I stand #UnionProud in the courtrooms of Cleveland, begging for justice and mercy for the poor in The Poverty Capital of America, as my father did before me before he died of a liquor-soaked, broken heart.

Second, and more integral to my point, It #LawDay! Created by Eisenhower or an act of Congress, or something.  I coach a mock trial team at a school for gifted kids here in Cleveland. I think that more than honors the spirit of teaching young people about The Constitution, the value of the law to society, and a philosophy integral to my life: that you judge a society by how it treats the least among its citizens.

When I look out for the rights of the #LeastAmongUs in society, poor people, mentally ill people, addicted, broken, homeless, etc. people, I'm fulfilling a legacy.  When I look out for the rights of the poor, I'm looking out for the rights of everybody.  When I look out for the rights of the rich, I ain't,

But I really love #MayDay because of this:

It's a date integral to the plot of my favorite horror movie of all time:  #TheWickerMan!

Image result for The Wicker Man: Final Cut

As Christian copper, Sergeant Howie (Edward Woodward) unfolds a mystery surrounding the disappearance of young Rowan Morrison on a Scottish Isle that knows no Christianity, wackiness ensues!

Career topping performances by Britt Ekland and Christopher Lee. And it's a musical.