Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Annunciation: Clevelandia

The world is recreated
a billion times a day
by Google maps
and Jesus traps
and souls above the fray.

These words are scored in stone
upon the rocky shore:
"He is faithful."
"He is faithful,"
is what the words implore.

The water washes sins away
as hands and face we clean,
Greek palindrome
in church tiles' waxen glean.

The weighted Dame leans overburdn'd
by Clair and Lakeside door.
her scales are tipped,
unjustily gripped,
which makes her feel a whore.

The freedoms, four, are buried here
beneath this hallowed ground.
from: fear and want,
of: speech and faith,
feed flowers more profound.

Don't think such thoughts the Thinker thought:
Your head just might explode.
Though, if your thoughts
are lower down,
you may become untoe'd.

Sir Kubrick lies in city street
to puzzle and confound,
with Toynbee's
odd mystery
of logic never sound.

A steady stream of virgin tears
Forever soaketh stones
At River's Edge
Where saints allege
The penitent atones

DNA @ Level C
Hath many portions Plum[b]
From Square to Square
To Square to Square
As Pekar to his Crum[b]

The pyramid enshrines the words
that came from Moondog's mouth
But towers glow
where seekers know
he spoke them, first, due South.