Friday, April 15, 2011

Because Clevelandia is, Practically, Canada...

Here's a geocaching puzzle pome for our Rockin'Canadians visiting our beloved,cursed berg:

Annunciation: Clevelandia
The world is recreated
a billion times a day
by Google maps
and Jesus traps
and souls above the fray.

These words are scored in stone
upon the rocky shore:
"He is faithful."
"He is faithful,"
is what the words implore.
first coordinates: 41*29'30.67"N 81*44'17.98"W elev 574

The water washes sins away
as hands and face we clean,
Greek palindrome
in church tiles' waxen glean.
second coordinates: 41*28'56.72"N 81*41'26.73"W elev 678

The weighted Dame leans overburdn'd
by Clair and Lakeside door.
her scales are tipped,
unjustily gripped,
which makes her feel a whore.
third coordinates: 41*30'04.90"N 81*41'50.87"W elev 723