Friday, September 10, 2010

Save the Last Dance for Me, Madame Supreme Court Justice Sotomajor

Bloomsday's having a busy Friday.  I am set for trial this morning on a domestic violence case.  Defendant's in jail.  It will get tried if the victim shows up.  It won't if she don't.

Assuming I'm not still in trial in the afternoon, I will be in my office conducting intakes with the subjective consumers of the improvisational moral theater I work at, where I beg for justice and mercy for the poor as my father did before me before he died of a liquor-soaked, broken heart.

Then, I am scheduled to attend "The Presence of Justice" dinner/dance Legal Aid Prom where one of the living sages will appear.  I hope and wish and pray, the wise Latina will grant me a knowing glance as prelude to our scorching dance.

Say the word, my sweet neo-traditionalist Rita Moreno:  Let's salsa!

[an aside on this reference: as we all know, Ms. Moreno won an emmy a grammy, a tony and an oscar. But it was her dusky, lusty comic delivery on The Electric Company that mattered most.  That's her screaming "Hey, You Guys!" at the beginning of each episode.  So, Ms. Moreno entered that Venn diagram of mine, "Things I Yearned for in Childhood" at quite a young age.  Plus, there's all that dancing and clapping on the rooftop in West Side Story.  Need I remind you that The Electric Company not only delivered The Adventures of Letter Man and that ingenious silhouetted word-pome game, but also the first wise Latina AND the first magnificent Black Man in the form of Morgan Freeman.  I rest my case.]